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The Research And Resign Of Ristributed Long-term And Many Parameters Monitoring System Based On The Affection Of Seawater Corrosion To The Metal

Posted on:2014-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L R ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330401985403Subject:Signal and Information Processing
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In the recent years, with the development of electronic technology, especially theapplication of embedded system and MCU technology. Corrosion detectiontechnology is a new intersection of discipline formed by the field of electrochemicaland electronic field. With the research of corrosion detector combined with electronicfurther and deeper, corrosion inspection gradually to intelligent and digital. And withthe rapid develop and widely used of the database and network technology, corrosiondetection technology gradually formed the type measurement, the networkmanagement system. With the application of computer technology, the detectionsystem can take the place of process parameters, accurate and reliable measurementdata, under the influence of parameters can be found in a variety of factors to form ofa digital, flexible structure, functional integration control system. By the integratedsystem, we can understand the normal corrosion and predict abnormal corrosionbehavior. The application of high-speed network communications technologyimproved the detection accuracy, real-time performance and reliability.Because of our research is based on the underwater corrosion conditions, theresearch conditions is very bad, the monitoring stations is many and scattered and thecontrol room to the monitoring place has a certain distance, so we choose the multipleparameter real-time monitoring system based on distributed bus technology. By thatwe can monitor the various parameters of the sea water corrosion for long-termreal-time in a certain area. We can send data to the main control room by the CANbus. Compared with the traditional monitoring system, this system is able to obtainmore accurate and effective testing data and information. With the remote monitoring,we can get more information and accumulate all aspects of the experience andknowledge, to serve the construction and maintenance of all kinds of engineering. Serial interface technology is applied in this system to test on site and remote data.Hardware system by single chip microcomputer and sensor connection and thehardware system connected with CAN bus formed a field monitoring system. Thesystem can not only receive data information and collect the corrosion parameters,also can make the corresponding control (Such as setting a given parameter values,setting the sampling interval and so on), according to the requirement of the monitor.By using the open software programming and the stable software platform, the systemcan carry on the highway to the seawater corrosion of a variety of parameters andreliable data input, output, operation monitoring and process control.The research object of this paper is the seawater corrosion effect on metalsdistributed multi-parameter and long-term monitoring system.First, we introduced the marine corrosion detection research method, introducedthe principle of the constant potential method in the electrochemical detection and thedesign of the potentiostat. By using the MCU, we realized the hardware and softwaredesign of the automation, low power consumption of the potentiostat.Then this paper discusses and implements the multi-parameter detection controlsystem of distributed system, and uses the CAN bus communication.At the end of the paper in detail introduces the seawater corrosion effect on metalsmulti-parameter and long-term implementation scheme of distributed monitoringsystem. And we realized modular design for the concrete implementation plan. Wedebug and test this detection system and get the relevant data.
Keywords/Search Tags:metal corrosion, potentiostat, MSP430F169, multi-parameter, distributed, CAN bus
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