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Study On Synthesis And Denox Performance Of ZSM-5Films On Different Supports

Posted on:2014-05-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S C ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422450824Subject:Chemical Engineering and Technology
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The main disadvantages of the particles fixed catalytic beds are high pressuredrop during the gas passage through the bed, limited heat and mass transfers, flowmaldistribution causing loss of selectivity, high susceptibility to fouling by dust.However, those could be avoided by the use of structured catalyst packing, which isa more compact, clean and energy-saving new technology. And it is a research focus,nowadays. This paper aims at synthesis of monolithic catalyst of ZSM-5films andits selective catalytic reduction DeNOx performance research.Firstly, the synthesis methods of ZSM-5seed solution were studied. Therelationship between crystal particle size and solution stability and reactantconcentration and reaction temperature was researched. The optimal preparationconditions of seed solution were chosed. The seed solution synthesis can be stablefor4months.Secondly, the more uniform seed layers were obtained on the cordierite ceramic,stainless steel net and foam nickel. And continuous and uniform ZSM-5films withgood adhesion were successfully prepared without template through thehydrothermal synthesis mothed.Finally, the structured catslyst were prepared by ion exchange of ZSM-5films.The influence of ion exchange concentration, species, sequence on DeNOxperformance was studied. It is foumd that the performance of0.01Fe@0.02Cu-ZSM-5-c at low temperature was quite good and its active windowwas wide. The DeNOx efficiency was about92%in200℃and it was98%between250℃to450℃. Also it still maintained86%at550℃. So0.01Fe@0.02Cu-ZSM-5-c had excellent performance at200~550℃. Meanwhile,3Dporous ZSM-5films catalyst perepared on stainless steel net and foam nickel hadshoter gas diffusion path and lower pressure drop, which showed gooddenitrification performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:ZSM-5films, ZSM-5structured catalyst, SCR catalyst, ion-exchangedmethed, Fe@Cu-ZSM-5
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