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Ordovician Limestone Water Inrush Mechanism And Control Research In The Coal Mine Huang Yuchuan

Posted on:2014-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422460749Subject:Mining engineering
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In recent years,water damage prevention in coal mining is increasingly being takenseriously,especially the Ordovician limestone water inrush occurred more and morefrequently.It has become a major bottleneck which constraining China’s coal productionsafety.Since the formation of water damage mechanism of water inrush is not mature, itsforecast lag, while mine water inrush disaster forming a prompt, diversity, it is difficult toachieve effective prevention.Therefore,strengthening the prevention and treatment ofwater damage,especially water damage conduct targeted research to ensure that the mineto achieve safe,efficient production is very necessary to have long-term significance.This paper take the unique engineering geology and hydrogeology conditions ofHuangyuchuan mine as starting point.Detailed analysis of the impact of the mineprominent Austrian gray water of various factors, a comprehensive analysis of the area inwhich the mine stratigraphy,Ida strata,coal-bearing strata floor strength and stability,regional hydrogeology condition.With Hydrology Research Institute of Xi’an,Xi’anMining Institute and other research institutes of technical means to carry out geophysical,drilling,to identify the mine boundary conditions,the Austrian water-rich regions and graywater supply source and channel Ordovician. By conducting five3D seismic,electricalprospecting and roadway excavation of the actual disclosure,made clear the minehydrogeological conditions,obtained within the fold Ida,faults are well developed,thereis a collapse column.At the same time and from the impact of the Austrian paperhighlights the many factors that gray water to extract the main factors,namely collapsecolumns and faults,using the current widely used software FLUENT for fluid modelingand numerical simulation Finally Ordovician limestone mine comprehensive proposal forwater control.This study can guide working face arrangement, tunneling, comprehensivemechanized coal mining practice of Huangyuchuan mine.In the working face and roadwaydesign combined with water damage can reasonably avoid the risk can not be avoided inthe case of prevention and treatment of water in advance to take appropriate measures to ensure mine safety.Subsequent mine excavation project proved by the results of this studywill be applied to the subsequent4#、6#’s working face arrangement scene after exposingthe situation consistent with the theoretical analysis,as long as the tunneling adhere to the"must have suspected exploration, After the first probe dig "the principle of prevention andtreatment of water, according to the rules applied to inquire Drainage of drain hole untilpressure reaches a safe value,you can be mined with pressure,this study proved effectivewater damage prevention plays a theoretical guidance and reduce the cost of mineproduction safety, the effect is significant....
Keywords/Search Tags:FLUENT software, Huang Yuchuan coal mine, Inrush water control
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