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Detecting The Temperature Of Aluminum Electrolysis Based On The Image Processing And Spectral Analysis

Posted on:2013-04-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422462967Subject:Thermal Engineering
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The temperature of aluminum electrolyte is a very important process parameter inproduction of aluminum. Electrolyte temperature directly determines the efficiency of theelectrolytic current and the life of the electrolytic cell. The complexity and hightemperature corrosive of the electrolyte composition brought great difficulties to measurethe electrolyte temperature. How to fast, accurate measurement the electrolyte temperatureis an important issue in the production of aluminum.The paper analyzed the aluminum electrolyte temperature research background and thestatus of temperature detection. Combined with the practical problems of production ofaluminum, gave out the detection method of aluminum electrolyte temperature based onimage processing and spectral analysis. Discoursed the CCD image sensor technology,image processing technology, traditional radiation thermometry method and imageacquisition monitoring equipment, collected the aluminum electrolytic radiation image,extracted useful information, used colorimetric measurement principle, got aluminumelectrolyte temperature field, on this basis, developed the non-contact aluminumelectrolyte temperature field image detection system. Combined with the theory of thermalradiation, CCD imaging principle and computer multimedia, researched the imagedetection system design methodology. The field test results show that, compared with theresults of spectroscopy and thermocouple, such image detection system to obtain thetemperature of the aluminum electrolytic errors are less than3%, met the needs of theengineering applications, examine the accuracy and reliability of the image detectionsystem.The aluminum electrolyte temperature detection system based on image processingtechnology designed in this paper, have high accuracy, and operational, provided aneffective means of guidance of safe, low-power, efficient operation for aluminumelectrolysis process,...
Keywords/Search Tags:Aluminum electrolytic, Temperature field, Image Processing, Spectral Analysis, CCD
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