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The Synthesis Of Glutaric Acid By Cyclopentene And The Investigation Of New Catalysts

Posted on:2014-11-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L C HouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422466051Subject:Chemical processes
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Glutaric acid is an important chemical material of organic synthetic, it and its derivativeshas a wide range of applications. such as in chemical, construction, medicine, agriculture andother aspects.The traditional preparation method of Glutaric acid is recovering method andsynthetic method, recovery is dependent on the seperation of the production of adipic acid. theyield is lower, the Systhetic methods are compocated and pollution is serious, limited to thelaboratory, Which hamperd its industry prospects. Therefore, A new efficient oxidationsystem is becoming the new direction of of glutaric acids synthesis. Which is alsoenvironmentally. In recent years, people are studied on the synthesis of glutaric acid bycyclopentene, with cyclopentene as reactant, hydrogen peroxide as oxidant, in the presence of acatalyst for selective oxidation of generation of glutaric acid, this issue mainly research theprocess conditions of the synthesis of glutaric acid and looking for a new catalyst of high activity,high stability and and it must be well recycled.The main work and results are as follows:First of all, the catalytic activity of heteropoly acid catalysts for selective oxidation ofcyclopentene production glutaric acid was investigated, and the better catalysts for this wasphosphotungstic acid. The optimal reaction conditions were:30wt%aqueous hydrogen peroxideas oxidant. n(H2O2):n(cyclopenene)=4.4, n(phosphotungstic acid): n(cyclopenene)=1:250,reaction temperature85℃, reaction time6h. Under the conditions, found the highest catalyticactivity, up to91.5%, but the catalyst is difficult to recycle and cannot be reused, therefore phosphotungstic acid as catalyst, research findings, decreased activity,Secondly, WO3/SnO2-SiO2catalyst was studied, Using ammonium metatungstate asprecursor, preparation of precipitation SnO2-SiO2as carrier, the catalyst is made by impregnation,The effects of the calcination time, calcination temperature and preparation conditions on thereaction activity are studied, The optimal preparation conditions are: ultrasonic immersing,calcination time is3h, calcination temperature is500℃, The effects of reaction time, reactiontemperature and other reaction aspects on the reaction activity are also studied, the optimumreaction conditions for the synthesis: reaction temperature95℃, reaction time6h,m(catalyst):m(cyclopenene)=0.369and n(H2O2):n(cyclopenene)=4.6, the GAC yield couldreach67.1%. The prepared catalysts were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), FT-IR, BET.Study on the relationship between the catalyst structure and reaction activity.
Keywords/Search Tags:glutaric acid, phosphotungstic acid, cyclopentene Impregnation oftungsten trioxid
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