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Preparation Of Tungsten-containing Catalysts And Its Applications On Synthesis Of Glutaraldehyde By Oxidation Of Cyclopentene

Posted on:2014-03-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422466053Subject:Chemical processes
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Cyclopentene is an important raw material of the organic chemical,which couldbe easily obtained by the C-5fraction in the petrochemical or coking indusyry.Cyclopentene is widely used in organic synthesis,pharmaceutical industry,syntheticrubber and other fields. Glutaraldehyde is a very important kind of fine chemicals andintermediate product, which has been extensively used for purposes of disinfectionand sterilization,chemistry of protein,the tanning process of leather, oil field,watertreatment and other fields.First,the HMS-type mesoporous sieve with a hexagonal structure had beensynthesized using octadecylamine (ODA) as template and was characterised by XRD,N2adsorption-desorption and TG-DTA. The preparation of conditions are as follow:pH=7,nODA/nSiO2=0.3,VH2O/VC2H5OH=1,reaction time18h,calcination temperature600℃and calcination time18h. The BET surface area was650m2/g, pore volume0.76cm3/g, and pore diameter3nm.Second, the heterogeneous W-HMS catalyst was in-situ prepared byimmobilization of ammonium paratungstate on hexagonal mesoporous silica(HMS).The effects of the amount of tungsten, the amount of catalyst, reaction time, reactiontemperature and the consumption of t-BuOH for the yield of glutaraldehyde had beeninvestigated. The catalyst remains a typical structure of HMS and tungsten speciescan stably exist in the silica-based matrix of HMS when nSi: nW=30.The yield of70%for glutaraldehyde are obtained over the W-HMS prepared with ammoniumparatungstate at optimum condition. The yield of glutaraldehyde is61%after the catalyst run four timesFinally, the supported catalyst HPW/HMS was prepared by equal volumeimpregnation method and was characterised.The effects of the calcination temperature,HPW loading, the amount of catalyst for the yield of glutaraldehyde had beeninvestigated. The results suggested that there was a good dispersion of HPW in theHMS at contents of loading20%, not only provided plenty of active centre, but keptthe well-ordered hexagonal structure of HMS-type mesoporous sieve, The yield ofglutaraldehyde is74%at optimum condition.
Keywords/Search Tags:cyclopentene, glutaraldehyde, HMS mesoporous molecule sieve, ammonium paratungstate, phosphotungstic acid
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