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Study On The Preparation Of Replace The Etylenediamine Metal Complexes And Their Application In The Synthesies Of Benzene Ac-Etonitrile

Posted on:2014-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G F LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330422956505Subject:Organic Chemistry
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Schiff bases are a class of organic compounds mainly refers to containing imineor methylene amine groups (RC=N-). Schiff bases are usually synthesiced by amineand carbonyl condensation. Based on preliminary instead of ethylenedi-amine,1,3-propylene amide to produce schiff bases, then schiff bases were reduced to amine, andamides were combined with Cu(AcO)2to form copper complexes. The copper complex-es as catalyst, K4[Fe(CN6] as cyanating reagent to the general synthesis of aryl nitrilesfrom aryl cloromides. The cyanation reaction was studied.1. The synthetical methods of instead of ethylenediamine metal complexes andtheir application in the synthesis of aryl nitriles were reviewed.2. Aniline and its derivatives reacted with oxalyl chloride to produce amides.Then amides were reduced by LiAlH4or NaBH4-I2to prepare N, N ’-diphenyl ethylenediamine compounds.3. Aromatic aldehyde compounds reacted with ethylenediamine and1,3-propane-diamine respectively to directly synthetize imines. Then the imines were reduced byNaBH4or KBH4to amines.4. Aromatic aldehyde reacted with ethylenediamine and1,3-propane-diaminerespectively to generate corresponding imides under the case of anhydrous MgSO4andCH2Cl2. Then the imides were reduced to amines under the action of NaBH4andCH3OH.5. Aldehyde compounds were directly reacted with diamine to give and amidesunder the I2/TBHP system and then amides were reduced by NaBH4or KBH4to theamines. 6. The prepared amines were reacted with Cu(AcO)2to form Copper complexes.7. With the synthetized ethylenediamine Copper complexes as catalyst,K4[Fe(CN)6] as cyanating reagent to synthesis of aryl nitriles from aryl cloromides.8. The parts structures of intermediates and target products were characterized by1H NMR and13CNMR spectra and combined with gas chromatography to evaluate theresult of the catalytic reaction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Schiff base, metal complexes, benzonitrile, synthesies, application
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