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Prediction Of Water Discharges Of Shuang Liu Coal Mine In Shanxi

Posted on:2013-01-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330422958029Subject:Geological Engineering
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The Shuangliu coal mine is located the west of the mine of Liu which is one of the mainproduction under the mine of Shanxi Province Fenxi Mining (Group) Co., Ltd., Ida area31.03km2.Mining area is located in central Shanxi Hedong coalfield, in thehydrogeological unit the case of Liuof Linquan domain karst water system. Mine has thethe problems of existence of water inrush, the fall of the column of water inrush and waterdamage hidden.With the continuous expansion of the production face increasingly complex,the mine geological and hydrogeological conditions has importantly practicalsignificance.In order to ensure the exploitation of mine safety, we should has the inflowforecast.To solve the Shuangliu mine Taiyuan Formation limestone aquifer on the coal seam, theguiding ideology of this paper is on the basis of the full collection of existing coalfieldgeological prospecting, the hydrogeological additional exploration mine production madeby hydro-geological data and Third District-based combined with the hydrophobic workstoo gray water drainage test which order to obtain more reliable hydrogeologicalparameters, prediction of water inflow evaluation of computing and too gray water level ofrisk analysis and evaluation, and proposed next phase of the prevention and treatmentmeasures of water technologies.In this paper, the finite difference unsteady flow mathematical model, MODFLOWand Visual software modules, to establish the numerical model through the identification ofthe model validation, the simulated and measured values of the observation wells waterlevel fits well, and take advantage of this The model predicts mine discharge. Thepredicted result is:3#+4#coal dewatering water inflow1920.0m3/d;8#+9#coal dewateringwater inflow3600.0m3/d.Inflow the predictions and mine-specific circumstances, surface water prevention andcontrol measures and underground water prevention and control measures for mineproduction of the actual situation, we should develop and implement long-term control ofwater planning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shuangliu coal mine, drainage water test, water inflow, numerical simulation, Visual MODFLOW
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