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Prediction Of Water Discharges Of A Coal Mine In Nortnern Snanxi

Posted on:2014-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330422958078Subject:Geological Engineering
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The study area is located in the northeast part of northern Shaanxi Jurassic coalfield “Yulin-hengshan mine”. The area of the field is about251.75km2, it belongs to thenortheast of groundwater system in Ordos Basin on hydrogeological units. Under the well’sexposing circumstance, Fractures in coal seam roof sandstone aquifer are easy to grow, andthe ones near coal seam have large water-bearing capacity. When the mine is constructed,water-gushing in confined aquifer of coal seam roof led to the suspension of mineconstruction, which seriously affected the normal construction and production on schedule.Therefore, in order to ensure safety construction and production in mines, prediction ofmine water discharge has important and practical significance.In the previous stage, a series of investigations are carried out in mine area, and someborehole data and hydro-geologic data are obtained. In this article, through arrangingscattered data, analyzing the mine hydro-geologic condition and filling water factors indetail, the prediction of mine water discharge is considered by means of both analytical andnumerical method, then the average of the two conclusions is took as the final prediction ofwater discharge.This article is divided into six parts: In chapter one, the background and significanceof the research is introduced, the methods of mine water discharge at home and abroad areanalyzed and summarized, and research content of this study is also introduced briefly. Inchapter two, this article describes natural environmental conditions of the study area, whichmainly includes the area’s geographical positions, landscapes, meteorological andhydrographic conditions, etc. In chapter three, on the basis of fully collection and utilizationof the data available, the regional and mining geological conditions in the researched areaare analyzed herein. The fourth chapter illustrates region and well-field hydro-geologicalconditions in the researched area, including groundwater types, conditions of supply, flowand drainage, situation of water bursting in the bottom-hole. The fifth chapter is the corecontent of this article. The prediction of mine water discharge is considered by means ofboth analytical and numerical methods. On the basis of detailed analysis of presentsituations of the study area, by using large well method to predict water discharge, andcombining Visual Modflow software to establish the groundwater numerical simulationmodel to predict mine water discharge. In this way, prediction results are close to the real data, and finally take the average value as the predicted results. The predicted result showsthat the gushing water is602.865m3/h at the bottom of2#coal roof in Zhiluo groupsandstone aquifer. At last, in the sixth part, this article has obtained conclusions, as well assuggestions for further study, which provide decision-making foundations for mine watercontrol.
Keywords/Search Tags:Numerical Simulation, Visual Modflow, Mine Water Discharge
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