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Design Of An Efficient Dust Suppression System By Spray In Fully Mechanized Face

Posted on:2014-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2251330425476527Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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With the increase of mining depth, mining strength, and improvement in the degree of mechanization, dust is also increasing during coal mining, dust is always threating health and safety of workers underground, in order to meet the needs of safety rules in mines and the construction of green mines, effective methods should be taken in coal mining to decrease the dust. Fully-mechanized face is a major source of dust, it should be the focus of dust prevention and control.Many kinds of measures can be taken to control dust in coal mine underground. Based on the dust suppression system at home and abroad, combined with current situation of fully-mechanized face in China, A high-pressure, constant-pressure spray system based on CAN bus is designed in this paper, it effectively solves the traditional spraying dust-settling system atomization effect is poor, large water consumption, communication inconvenient, difficult to reduce respirable dust and other shortcomings. A targeted spraying dust control method is put forward in major production process just like coal cutting, frame shifting, coal moving and transporting in order to reduce the dust concentration effectively.Based on the unique advantage of high-pressure spray, a constant-pressure, high-pressure spray is designed to decrease dust which is based on CAN-bus. The underground part of the system is composed of a main controller and spray controller, spray controller is mainly used for collecting sensor signal and control the switch of ball value; the master controller is used for data processing, display, parameters input and control booster pump to keep a constant pressure in the pipeline, CAN bus is used to exchange data between the main controller and spray. Control center on ground exchange data between PC software installed on the computer and the main control, in order to exchange information, In this system we use STM32as processor in controll center, ATMega8in the spray controller, MCP2515in CAN-bus, TJA1050is also used as bus driver in CAN-bus. The experiments show that the system design is reasonable, it has significant effect in dust diminution, it can also meet the needs of coal mining enterprises, with good market prospects and promotion of value.
Keywords/Search Tags:fully mechanized coal face, spraying and dust settling, can bus, shigh-pressure, constant pressure, efficiency
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