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Hydrogen Peroxide Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexene Pilot Study On Green Synthesis Of Adipic Acid

Posted on:2011-04-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330425484598Subject:Chemical Engineering
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KA oil as raw materials containing cyclohexyl alcohol and cyclohexanone, synthesizing adipic acid is generally industrial method. This method has high yield,but long process and serious equipment corrosion.Producing1ton of adipic acid product needs1.5tons concentrated nitric acid and generates a lot of N2O, NOx, some waste liquid etc. It is hard to meet the technological requirements of cleaner production. In this study, according to the synthesis of adipic acid reaction kinetics characteristics of thermodynamics and indoor test conditions, the method of industrial scale-up was determined. A series hydrogen peroxide catalyzed oxidation synthesis of adipic acid was completed. The reactors included0.5L,5L,100L and2000L. Industrial scale-up was finished, and operation parameters were determined.To complete industrial trial production, some conditions should be explored, such as the suitable equipment materials, heat transfer modes, steam system, stirring speed and reaction temperature. Although feeding quantity and filling rate improving, the industrial scale trial production can be completed.Through the experimental analysis, materials of equipment was choosed, reaction kettle was made from glass lining, heat exchanger and reflux condenser were made from glass or steel PTFE. Circulating pump with steel alloy and fluorine material storage of the polypropylene mother meets industrial production requirements, the material in the rise of vaporization steam and condensate fluid diversion, and then decline in advance in U-shaped bend, eliminate the water seal of backflow process gas resistance (and avoid the waste of material as useful. Controling the acidity and reasonable type of conveying pump, can avoid violent agitation caused by hydrogen peroxide stability, and improve the utilization hydrogen peroxide effectively. Controling the reasonable stirring speed (impeller speed60rpm) and reaction temperature (reflow71-83℃) can fully guarantee the industrial smoothly on. In the reactor (2000L), increasing feeding quantity and filling rate, the conversion of cyclohexene can reach100%, and the yield of adipic acid up to90%-96%. It confirmed that adipic acid production process has magnified the feasibility and the reaction process could be controlled. The use of special catalyst can reduce the production cost effectively, promote the progress of industrialization greatly, and create more industrial value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial scale-up, Adipic acid, Cyclohexene, Reaction heat, Equipmentalmaterial, Stirring speed, Filling fraction
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