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Aluminium Electrolysis Production Of High Efficiency And Low Energy Consumption

Posted on:2014-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2251330425972444Subject:Metallurgical engineering
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Abstract:Based on introduction and absorption of internationally advanced concepts and technologies, the primary aluminum industry in China has undergone a process from smallness to bigness in the recent decade and obtained achievements deserving worldwide attention. Currently, the current efficiency of the pre-baked pots operated in China has reached normally90-93%, and DC consumption13,000-13,200kWh/t-Al. Nevertheless, there exists a certain gap with the internationally leading level. It is published in public publications that the current efficiency and DC consumption of the pilot pots and for the worldwide leading indicators have reached94-95%and13,000-13,200kWh/t-Al respectively. For an aluminum smelter of capacity500kt/a, if the same DC consumption is achieved in China, a loss of2%current efficiency is suffered each year, meaning a reduction of10kt capacity per year. For the total capacity10,000kt/a in China, this loss of2%current efficiency is equal to a reduction of200kt capacity per year, equivalent to the loss of the capacity of a medium-sized smelter in China.For practical production, if a reasonable stable and high-efficiency production concept can be established, it is certain to achieve a big economic benefit if considering the entirety and working from the details. This paper details the key management rules for pot production from the aspect of practical production, in combination with the real production situations of the primary aluminum industry in China, and with the language used in the real production process, with the purpose to achieve a leap towards higher efficiency based on stability. Meanwhile, it is hoped that more scientific researchers will know the production needs and the real production issues closely, and expected that more applications and researches regarding the practical production technologies will drive a better and faster development of the aluminum industry in China for the weak field of practical technology research.
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