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Research Of Local Power Network Load Forecast And Optimization In Yangjiang

Posted on:2014-03-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2252330425476652Subject:Electrical engineering
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In the backdrop of the current power load increases year by year in YangJiang City, toimprove the economic benefit of power grid operation and security, improve power qualityindicators requirements such as rely on accurate, timely and efficient grid load forecastingand optimization. A good load forecasting, can promote energy-saving electric power systems,power generation and electricity market transaction scheduling, maximize the ability of fatwithin the power system powered devices, hydro-thermal utilization and achieve optimalallocation of resources, provide an important basis for improving the social and economicbenefits.Power load forecasting has been decades of history, So for load forecasting method tosolve this problem on the basis of theory and practice is multifaceted, along with thecontinuous development and the complexity of the power grid and electricity market need forload forecasting study unceasingly, with the new theory and new mathematical method tostudy a new prediction method. By summing up the latest developments in YangJiang Cityelectricity history, the level of socio-economic development, industrial parks and high-techparks and other major investment projects and the recent development of the situation, suchas users reported installation of electrical load distribution and the distribution of Yangjiangpredict.Based on the existing power grid load forecasting and optimization method on the basisof detailed analysis, summarized, recent data extrapolation method is adopted in2013, thelong-term load as close to saturation value, according to the status quo of the load distributionof middle years calculated using various mathematical models of all kinds of load forecastingresults. Finally, according to the features of the power grid in yangJiang City, yangJiang Cityeconomic development and electricity demand of reference in recent years, puts forward thedetailed power grid optimization Suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Load forecasting, Load optimization, Improved algorithm, data extrapolationmethod
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