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Study On Trapping Efficiency Of Biological Control For Sweet Cherry Fruit Flies

Posted on:2014-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This study investigated the trapping efficiencies to sweet cherry fruit flies of different sex pheromones and pesticides in different traps at altitudes of1600m,1800m,2000m in the test gardens of10-11year-old sweet cherry trees in Wenchuan. The conclusions were:1. For the same altitude, trap and pesticide, the trapping efficiencies of different sex pheromones (98%cuelure,98%Eugenol Methyl Ether and Methyl Eugenol) and different concentrations were compared. The result showed that the trapping efficiency varied according to the type and the concentration of sex pheromone. Throughout the survey,1.5ml98%cuelure presented the best trapping efficiency with6762trapped fruit flies,2.0ml Methyl Eugenol followed with6116fruit flies and1.5ml98%Eugenol Methyl Ether with4242fruit flies. The trapping efficiencies of three treatments varied significantly from each other and they were all much better than the rest treatments.2. For the same altitude, trap and sex pheromone, the trapping efficiencies of different concentrations of trichlorfon and chlorpyrifos on sweet cherry fruit flies were compared. The result showed that the trapping efficiency varied with different types and concentrations of pesticides. Throughout the survey, the best treatment was1.0%trichlorfon with trapping9814fruit flies,0.1%chlorpyrifos followed with6378fruit flies. Both were significantly better than the rest treatments.3. For the same altitude, sex pheromone and pesticide, trap A (finished trap:pear-shaped, a height of approximately16cm, upper diameter of about5cm, lower diameter of about7cm, and the lure was a fiberboard), trap B (homemade trap:the body was made from500ml mineral water bottle, the cover was supplied by Guangdong Entomological Institute and the lure was a thumb-sized absorbent cotton) and trap C (homemade trap:two crosses with side length of1.2cm were cut symmetrically in the middle of500ml mineral water bottle and then they were pushed inwards to form two openings; the lure was thumb-sized absorbent cotton) were used to trap the sweet cherry fruit flies and then the amounts of trapped fruit flies were compared. The result showed that the trapping efficiency changed according to different traps. Throughout the survey, the homemade trap C showed significantly better performance than other two traps with21330fruit flies, trap A followed with6978trapped fruit flies. The trap B was the worst with only540 trapped fruit flies. Besides, trap C cost less in three traps. Therefore, trap C could be regarded as the optimum trap from the point of view of trapping efficiency and cost.4. The amount of trapped sweet cherry fruit flies varied in different altitude. In the whole survey from May10to June13, the amount of fruit flies trapped at the altitude of1800m was the greatest and significantly larger than that at altitudes of1600m,2000m. The amount of fruit flies also varied with times at the same altitude. The population peak for fruit flies was found from late May to early June. Therefore, this period should be regarded as the critical period for the control of fruit flies.5. Among all treatment combinations, the combination of homemade trap C+1.5ml98%cuelure+1.0%trichlorfon (the rest ingredients were3.0%brown sugar,5.0%white wine and1.0%mature vinegar.200ml of such mixture was poured into the trap) showed the best trapping efficiency. It was significantly better than the rest investigated treatments and the local homemade attractant (trichlorfon:brown sugar:white wine:mature vinegar:water=1:5:10:10:20).
Keywords/Search Tags:sweet cherry, fruitfly, sex pheromone, altitude, trapping efficiency
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