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The Research On Through Space-time Novel

Posted on:2014-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z P GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2255330401476158Subject:Literature and art
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Internet through space-time novel is a type of fiction welcomedby many readers after Tomb novel and Fantasy novel. The basicmodel is the protagonist travels through time and space from theoriginal life to another one, and then embarked on a series ofexperience and conflicts. The work often mixed together withromance, fantasy, martial arts and other elements. The paper mainlyfocuses on the aspects of development overview, basic form,cultural conflicts and identity construction in through space-timenovel.The rise of Internet literature promotes the development ofthrough space-time novel. As one of the most popular types ofInternet literature, through space-time novel has a close relationshipwith the public, especially the adolescent. They come to animaginary world through the perspective of a through space-timeperson, to meet a strong sense of curiosity and a desire of self-realization.As to the basic form of Internet through space-time novel, thepaper will analyze mainly from the aspects of space-time type andtext feature. From the perspective of space-time type, it can bedivided into existential historical space-time, overhead historicalspace-time, and absurd space-time. Through space-time novels havethree main text features, the plot has a great inclusive setting, thehero shaped with ordinary and extraordinary characteristics and adouble advantage narrative. The paper describes the uniquenarrative of through space-time novel, points out the dual identity ofthe narrator both inside and outside of the story; and gives thenarrative a peculiar tension and charm, making it has the real senseand affinity of the first-person narrative and the flexibility andomniscience of the third-person narrative.On the basis of the above analysis, we try to grasp the uniquenature of through space-time novel, which is different from ordinarynovel, from four aspects, space-time structure, cultural conflict,identity construction and feminist consciousness. It describes thecultural conflict between different switching space-time,self-identity crisis caused by changes in the living space and identityconstruction, as well as a highlight female consciousness.Internet through space-time novel has widespread attention as a new type of literature. In-depth study of its development trajectory,text feature, as well as its relationship with the society, Internet, andreader groups to reveal the advantages and limitations. It will havenot only reference value to the healthy development of throughspace-time novels, but also important revelation to literature andcultural construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Literature, Through Space-time Novel, Space-time Structure, Narrative Way, Cultural Conflict, IdentityConstruction
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