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Research On The National Discourse Of Literature And Academic Thoughts Of Wen Yiduo

Posted on:2014-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2255330401960582Subject:Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature
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Heard more than one in literature and academic thought, literature was identified as the cause of life, and always filled with rich Literati Feelings. Around the nation as "oriental","oriental culture mark","Oriental Meteorology" three key points, This article is intended to prove heard more than one conflict in the East and West cultural values and cultural choices. Rearranging the National Heritage retrospective knowledge and literary and historical periods, trying to show the cultural modernity sprouting Literature, the right to speak for the nation again.In The late19th century and early20th century, reconstruction has become a national culture and the pursuit of the mission of intellectuals. Wen Yiduo works on such as poetry, poetic theory, literary criticism, classical literature, the national language of their inherent characteristics and cultural characteristics consistent. In the "oriental" rich poetry States, embodied soul and spirit of oriental culture. His theory of poetry with plain and thick, focusing on mining the diversity of poetic theory building, emphasizing the perspective of indigenous poetry reviews, and ignores the cultural output of poetry instrumental; heard more than one literary work contains a lot of comments and letters, he often and Zhu Ziqing, Guo MOruo, Who exchanges literary issues, to discuss classical literature and Chinese traditional culture oriental beauty. Cultural integration and national traditions in dialectical unity under the influence of cultural values, to seek an independent modern cultural development.This paper focuses on the literary and artistic insights of Web Yiduo, as well as the position of national discourse and oriental culture connotation, extension and significance. He was the first use of mythology, folklore and other methods of classical literature who has a grand attempt to outline the "Oriental Meteorology" oriental cultural traditions and spiritual world. Specifically including retroactive ancient myth of the original ecology of the national spirit. Strangeness national imagination, mining Tang culture gallant nation strength of character. He tried from the source of classical literature and oriental culture to sort out, to form a complete system of national discourse. In the context of the new era of cultural hegemony, review and outlook of modern literary development and Wen demonstrated home country and culture of ideological consciousness is still important. He converted through its own discourse, dig and assertive Oriental literature resources, pursue Oriental scholar traces the history and culture, and we seek to take the context of post-colonial cultural standpoint return.Integrated use of postcolonial critical theory, cultural criticism and interpretation of text reading research methods were heard more than one creative idea discussed the historical background, as well as contemporary duo literary intellectuals "Chi" option, modern literary theory and Creation Construction of national discourse, Chinese classical literary studies build national discourse interpretation. Respectively, from the local community, diversity and neglect tools, etc., demonstrate duo works of different periods embodied oriental color and nationality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Wen yiduo, Literary thought, Academic research, Nationaldiscourse
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