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The Studied On The Wealth Of The Tang Dynasty In The Southeast Transported To The North Linked With The Western Loess Plateau Climate Change

Posted on:2014-05-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2255330401987607Subject:Historical geography
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The Tang Dynasty is the critical period of development of Chinese ancient history.Over the years, the brilliant period has been praised by people. But, the Tang Dynastybefore and after two periods of historical position is different.. Factors appeared in thetang dynasty social change theory has been accepted in academic circles. At the sametime, a few keen scholars have begun to pay attention to some change in theenvironment in the Tang Dynasty. In this paper, as a breakthrough point, the southeastof money assigned to maintain the stability of the western loess plateau and theresulting environmental problems linked to research, is divided into four parts step bystep.Part I:"Introduction". The author not only defines the two concepts southeast andwestern loess plateau region, but also for the two regions of relevant research resultsis analyzed, and the two areas linked to the necessity of research.Part II:“The southeast economic development in the Tang Dynasty and theassignment of goods transport to the central dynasty”. Through detailed data on theeconomic development of southeast region in the Tang Dynasty and the assignment ofa large number of goods shipped to the central government are discussed in this paper,points out that the Tang Dynasty, especially in the Tang Dynasty south-east economyget larger development. Due to the large number of water conservancy projectconstruction, large areas of farmland irrigation development, make the south-east ofthe Tang Dynasty grain base; At the same time, the southeast textile technologyimprove, a lot of silk silks in near period, become the main supplier of the dynasty.Therefore, rich and cloth as the basic content of the southeast the rule of the late TangDynasty.Part III:“Under the background of the southeast money fu in the t Tang Dynastyto the northern distribution the western loess plateau”. Western loess plateau meadowgrassland in early Tang Dynasty: Officer of pasture land and grassland with nomadicactivity. But after the an lushan, due to the tubo into, within the border of theshrinkage, become the frontier in this area, a large number of troops stationed there.At the same time, due to the southeast of the Tang Dynasty used money fu maintainssome nomadic people friendly relationship and combined these species containinvading species, which makes the border is relatively stable. So many frontiergarrison on the wasteland reclamation Xu to solve food problems. This makes the local ecological environment has changed: The prairie was developed into farms; Alarge number of soil and water loss; Rivers become cloudy; Land desertification isserious...Part IV:“Summing-up”.This part mainly discusses the main points of this papermade a general summary. And further clarifying the cause of the environmentalproblems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Tang Dynasty, The southeast region, Assignment of goods transportnorth, The western loess plateau region, the environmental evolution, relation
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