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An Empirical Study On The Application Of The Continuation-task On English Writing Instruction

Posted on:2014-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2255330425962794Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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As one of the most important parts of English learning, writing represents thecomprehensible capacities of language learners, which is an indispensable skill to grasp. Manyresearchers have been endeavoring to find effective ways that could help enhance students’English writing. Based on the theory of second language acquisition, Professor Wang Chumingadvocated “continuation-task” method in writing, aiming to improve students’ writing capacitiesby developing the uncompleted texts. This method helps to inspire the imagination and cultivateinnovative thinking skills, and combines comprehension and production tightly; it is an effectiveand efficient way to improve English writing.This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of continuation-task on writing teaching,students’ writing performance and writing motivation.The participants of the study are69freshmen from Art College of Shandong NormalUniversity. The instruments of this study are two writing tests, two questionnaires and aninterview. Before and after the application of continuation-task, writing tests are given, servingas pretest and posttest. After the16-week experiment, the posttest, questionnaire two and theinterview is conducted to collect data. The analysis involves double scoring, calculation andcomparison. The major findings from this study are as follows:Firstly, continuation task has a significant effect on improving second language learners’writing performance. The means of EG in two tests rise from6.506to8.063, and P-value is.000By content, structure and language, it can be seen that the EG have made significant progressesin three aspects.Secondly, continuation-task has significant effects on enhancing second language learners’writing motivation. The means of EG rise from2.404to3.277, and P-value is.002. In the threecategories, deep motivation and achieving motivation both are significantly enhanced.Thirdly, continuation-task has different effects on improving writing performance andenhancing writing motivation of high-proficiency and low-proficiency students. The means ofLPG get an increase of1.737points in writing performance, and means get an increase of1.093points in improving writing motivation. Therefore, low-proficiency students have made moreprogress.There are valuable implications for the development of English writing instruction. First, teachers should make full use of textbook and reading materials so as to arouse students’ interestin reading. Second, either error correcting or improvement praising, teachers should give instantfeedback to students’ writing assignments, which is a good way to sustain students’ confidence inwriting. Third, teachers must balance instruction and practice to guarantee the effective writingon the basis of sufficient language input. Fourth, teachers must try to generate brainstorming,because open ending requires students to make full use of their knowledge and imagination. Fifth,teachers and students can enjoy the pleasure of free reading together, making the period a happymoment rather than a heavy burden.The study still shows a variety of deficiencies. Therefore, the further research is necessarilyto be carried out.
Keywords/Search Tags:continuation-task, Wang Chuming, writing performance, writing motivation
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