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Risk Management Of Government Information System Project

Posted on:2013-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330392460434Subject:Project management
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The government information project own characteristics, multiple levels ofmanagement,the complex structure, high safety coefficient, the huge number ofusers,etc.In the rapid development of government information implement,systemcomplexity will be higher and higher, the project risk will also be bigger andbigger. It will greatly increase the project termination or failure probability ifwithout effective risk management in the government information construction.So, formulate a set of reasonable project risk management process, method ofproject risk management and effective implementation of the project iscompleted smoothly and security for project.The author is the information industry worker.The author participate aspecific case of development management committee informatization project forreasearch government information engineering project risk management.Based on the comprehensive study and analysis of the current projectmanagement and project risk management, the government information projecthad its important difficult problems (such as: planning and design is not perfect,the demand analysis overtime and not clear, communication and coordination,the technology skill deficiency, lack of relative resources manufacturers, a partof the government personnel information related to the lack of knowledge andinformation system complex, etc.) and characteristics, author create hegovernment infomnation project risk management solution (GIPRMS)and usethe method of brainstorming, matrix method, expert scoring method to identify,assess and monitor the government information system project risk,.Finally, inthe development of goverment information system management project, theproposed risk management methods for the implementation and verification obtained the certain effect.In general speaking, this theory of government information projectmanagement project risk solution(GIPRMS)can solve the project riskmanagement problems and put forward a set of complete process and methodseffectively It aslo protect the government electronic government affairs andinformation construction successfully completed. Also for other similar termsprovides references.
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