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The Research On The Market Supervision Of Trading Integrity

Posted on:2013-07-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330392965351Subject:Economic Law
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Transactions in the market, integrity problem is getting aroused great attention.In today’s increasingly competitive market, the emergence of an abnormal marketbehavior-price fraud. Such a serious breach of the transaction integrity of themarket behavior in China’s current social and economic activities, increasing thefrequency of occurrence of various forms of price-gouging activities, and in theregions and areas of expansion and the spread of momentum and has become asocial nuisance. Development of market economy in China is still the primary stage,the price system is also feeling the stones is not complete and perfect the legalsystem of price regulation is not fully established. How to improve the priceregulation model of the superstructure, improve the legal system of price regulation,the price mechanism to play its effective response relationship between supply anddemand, the real pass the effect of changes in the market trends in order to protectthe health of the socio-economic successfully coordinated development is the focusof the current social problems.This article is based on the background and engage in intensive research, Itried to the point of view of economic law on the concept of price-gouging,history, elements, six aspects of the legal nature, causes and hazards,manifestation of price fraud comprehensive analysis, in order to have acomprehensive understanding of the definition of price-gouging.Understanding of the theory of price-gouging is complete, the author studiesthe foreign status of the legal regulation of price-gouging and Comments from theinstitutional and regulatory content to draw on production test, issued by thefoundation for improving the legal system of China’s price-gouging. Existing normsof price-gouging by combing China’s legal system,according to the law itself,andlaw enforcement agencies in the regulation of the market price of fraud and identifythe problems of our country at this stage regulation of the legal system of price-gouging, at this stage of regulation price fraud the existence of the legalsystem is not perfect, and price-gouging by the regulatory body there are loopholesin the law, the law itself provisions are too principled, the liability system isimperfect, the lack of law enforcement measures, the law lags behind the practicalneeds and many other issues and so on.The problems in the legal system of China’s regulation of price-gougingbehavior,combined with practical experience,absorbing the successful experienceof foreign law on the regulation of price-gouging, to compensate for the lack ofreality in China. On improving the legal system of regulation of prices of fraud, afew perfect views: rehabilitated at the national level anti-price-gouging law; cleanup the normative documents of the local anti-price-gouging; clear and refine thedefinition of price-gouging; raise prices law enforcement agencies legal status, tostrengthen the enforcement powers; increase legal advocacy, and strengthen theintegrity of the operators awareness through the system.The strengthening of economic laws and regulations system of price-gouging iswith a great deal of theoretical and practical significance, both to the theory ofeconomic law has been improved, and better regulation of the price fraud andmaintain normal market price competition in order to achieve the optimal allocationof social resources.
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