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Execution To Improve The Policies Of Local Governments In China

Posted on:2013-01-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330392965427Subject:Administrative Management
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In the increasingly fierce international competition in today’s world, any executionof a national government level will directly affect their international competitiveness,and determines the rise and fall of the nation. China is no exception. The purpose of thisstudy is to enhance the credibility of our government and executive power. This paperuses the basic execution by the government definition of the concept and execution ofour government the status of research and analysis, looking to enhance the execution ofthe reform of China’s government ways and means. For this subject, this paper has takenthe research literature, analyzed and summarized, and the combination of theory andpractice research methods, from theory to practice thinking, execution of ourgovernment-related issues.First, define and explain the basic concept of government execution, through the"execution","party executive power,""leadership" of specific groups such as theconcept of comparative analysis, comparison and analysis of government execution andmeasurement of building elements standards, and exploring the theoretical basis ofgovernment execution.Second, by analyzing the status of execution of our government, our lack ofexecution that the execution of the government’s biggest problem now exists, inparticular in: do not actively perform actions, arbitrary execution behavior and falseexecution behavior. Government’s implementation of lack of culture, the low quality ofpublic policy, administration system is incomplete, the civil service and low quality, andmonitoring mechanism is not perfect execution is caused by lack of our government animportant factor.Finally, according to the execution of our government there are many problems,proposed to create a force with Chinese characteristics and the implementation of ideasand culture, and reinforce the execution of the ideological foundation and cultural basis;Sound policy-making mechanism, to build the Government’s implementation of the premise; improve the quality of implementation of the main government and strengthenthe quality of the construction of the civil service; build coordination and efficientgovernment enforcement mechanisms; Government credibility by optimizing theexecution of the government administrative system in order to achieve improve theefficiency of government execution; comprehensively improve the level ofimplementation and the establishment of government, improve governmentaccountability system, and ways to improve government and ultimately the purpose ofexecution...
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