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The Application Of Mohist Debating Logic In Court Debate

Posted on:2013-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330395988172Subject:Law of logic
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The court debate is the important content of the trial. It is the demonstration andrefutation between the prosecution and the defendant, around the claim of their own sidesaccording to the legal procedure based on evidence and the law. The Mohist argumentationsystem which was created by the Chinese ancient Mohist wisdom with Mo Di as therepresentative of under the historical circumstances in the Spring and Autumn Period in whichthere is contention of a hundred schools of thought, and the prevailing winds of analysis,todayto us in court debate still has guiding significance.Besides the foreword and epilogue this paper is divided into four parts: the first part ofthis paper discuss the definition and standard of defense wins of Mohist logic and moderndebate. This part respectively discusses the definition of defense and standard of defense winsof the logic of Moism, competitive debate and court debate, analyed and compared of thesimilarities and differences.The second part introduces the tool which the Mohist logic is used to defend. This partseparately explored the debate tool of Mohist logic from the the point of view of knowledgeacquisition, the name, the real, the address and the meaning, and then introduces its specialsignificance for the court debate.The third part introduces the justification of Mohist logic. This part is respectivelyintroduced the justification of Mohist logic from the its guiding ideology and the specifictechniques, and discussed how to use the principles and techniques of the Mohist debatinginto court debate.The fourth part is corresponding to the third part,, it introduced the retort in the logic ofMoism. This section also introduced the retort in Mohist logic from its guiding ideology andthe specific techniques, and tried to apply it to the court debate. Through the analysis of thefour part, the paper summarizes the basic train of thought and main content of the Mohistdialectic, and make its primary role into the special occasions of court debate, to make it toplay a practical role in today.
Keywords/Search Tags:Analogy, Attached method and Complex concept reasoning, Reductionto absurdity, The method of three standards, Debate, Court debate, Demonstration, Retort
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