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On The Principle Of Trust Protection In Administrative Law

Posted on:2013-05-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In contemporary society, governments are commonly faced with credibility crisis. The occurrence of the crisis does not necessarily result from public doubts on the validity or rationality of the Policies. The key reason behind the credibility crisis is the randomness of the administrative decisions and arbitrariness of change by the administrative anthority. The construction of an honest government with integrity has been considered an essential condition by many countries, including China, for the healthy and sustainable development of a society. This is not only a desire, but an actual practice that has a foundation on the systems, among which the legal system is undoubtedly the most important one.The purpose for studying a problem is to solve the problem. The reason for this thesis’inquiry into the cultural prerequisites and system background of the origin of the principle of trust protection, is based on the concerns on the absence, to various extent, of spirit of equality, spirit of contract, spirit of honesty and credibility, which are necessary to the construction and implementation of the principle of trust protection, in the environment of public power of our country. Through analysis on materials and study of experiences I hope to find reasonable positioning of the principle of trust protection in the legal system of our country, and accomplish its deserved value in practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Principle of trust protection, the conditions of application, the mode ofprotection, construction
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