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A Suggestion On The Legislation Of Historic Heritage Protection In Shanxi Province

Posted on:2014-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Historic heritage is an important cultural heritage, it is the crystallization of people’s creativity and a milestone in the history of the development of human society. With the continuous development of society and people’s living standards improved, the drawbacks of historic heritage preservation of the public, the protection of historic heritage departments and the government in an awkward position. Because of historic heritage with historical value and economic value, so cultural relics endless violations, therefore, it is imperative to strengthen the legal protection of historic heritage.Historic heritage protection is a complex systems engineering, although some progress has been made, but also encountered a lot of deep-seated institutional problems, which makes the historic heritage protection work is facing many serious problems. After searching, Although domestic scholars do a lot of research, but it is usually limited to technical and archaeological levels, at present, the analysis of historic heritage protection from a legal point of view very few.To this end, the author used the expertise of law, combined with the understanding of the relevant technical and archaeological knowledge and learn from the advanced experience, through causal analysis, empirical analysis, comparative analysis and value analysis and other methods, to improve the historic heritage protection law analysis of the issues and put forward constructive legal measuresThe paper is divided into four parts, the original30,000words, now more than sixteen thousand words.Part Ⅰ:Through an internship in Shanxi Province cultural relics bureau collected during the typical immovable cultural relics criminal cases, revealing the Shanxi Province, the existing problems and deficiencies in the historic heritage protection and put up some questions.Part Ⅱ:Introduction the legislative situation and problems of Shanxi Province in heritage preservation, especially in the historic heritage protection legislation. First, summarize the relevant laws and regulations, analyze its role and the results achieved. Second put up some questions from the historic heritage finds the mechanism, repair, renovation, and capital protection system elaborated the existing legal drawbacks.Part Ⅲ:Analysis of the successful experience of foreign and domestic immovable heritage preservation. Described in terms of historic heritage found that public participation, establish protect organization renovation and repair of censorship.Part Ⅳ:Put up law measures to improve the Shanxi Province historic heritage conservation. Followed by elaborate specific measures, including: the establishment of emergency recognition system, to encourage public participation, and refine the identified standards and protection measures, given the relatively compensation and support to improve the immovable cultural relics protection system.The author believes that the historic heritage protection is the common cause of the whole society must adhere to the "protection of the main rescue first, rational use, to strengthen management" principle. Clear administration according to law is the key to improve the Shanxi historic heritage protection.
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