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Study On The Influence Of The New Changes Of Franco-German Axis To European Integration In The Post-crisis Era

Posted on:2014-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Well known as the "engine" and "locomotive" of the European integration, the Franco-German axis has made a tremendous contribution to the integration in the course of the European integration. In2008the financial crisis sweeping the world, followed by the outbreak of the debt crisis in Europe. The affection of the crisis for the Franco-German axis and the European integration can’t be ignored. The author aims to analyze the impact of the new changes of the Franco-German axis to the European integration in the post-crisis era.After the War, France and Germany surpassed the long war and revenge and made the historic decision——reconciliation and stepped to the cooperation and joint. Both takes what he needs and work together to put the integration forward and become the pillar of the whole European integration finally.The soon after the world just breathed a sigh of relief from the financial crisis, the debt crisis broke out in Europe. French-German’s relationship in the post-crisis era quietly changing under the influence of the crisis——the outstanding performance of Germany’s economic in the crisis made the center of gravity of the Franco-German axis shift to Germany. As the core and leader of European integration, the change of the Franco-German axis definitely will have a significant impact on the European integration. European integration had been mired in the debt crisis, and first felt the impact of the changes of the Franco-German axis is its economic integration. At the same time new changes in Franco-German also had a significant impact in the political integration.The new changes of the Franco-German axis in the post-crisis era has made the integration facing a crisis and difficulty. However, this difficulty is both a challenge and an opportunity——If the Europe want to develop, the European integration must continue to deepen. The long history of development, as well as the current situation makes the deepening the integration cannot without the help of Franco-German axis, which is also the interests of the two countries. After adjusts and adapts for a period of time Franco-German axis will continue to play the central role in the integration.
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