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The Study On The Relationship Path Between Organization Inertia And Ability Construction Of The Civil Servant

Posted on:2014-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330401481058Subject:Administrative Management
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This article take the structural functionalism, organization "pressure-incentives" andeconomics analysis method, study on the relationship between organizational inertia and civilservant capacity building, based on the status of Chinese social organizations, analysis of theinherent relevance between characteristic, social organization inertia and government inertia,describes the basic situation of civil servants ability construction and existing problems, boththe achievements, there are also major problems, especially the lack of ideological culture andinstitution construction. Aiming at these problems, in this paper, from two angles andintegration of organizational inertia, put forward the specific path choice: The first point is toestablish innovation-oriented consciousness, strengthen the construction of political cultureand innovation; The Second is to highlight the ability construction of civil servants, improvethe appointment, training, motivation, evaluation system; The third is to resist theorganizational inertia effect with addition, building civil servant capacity evaluation systemand reasonable. On the whole, problems on the current organizational inertia and abilityconstruction of civil servants were studied and discussed in system method. Basically attitudetowards organizational inertia, not blindly oppose and break, should be objectively analysisand judgment, this is the basic method of dialectical materialism. At the same time, can alsobe used to study the government management innovation and organizational inertia change ofgovernment function and a series of topics in the field of public management and otherprofessional, it provides a new perspective of research on public sector management andchange, also for the future perfecting public management discipline provides a new way ofthinking.
Keywords/Search Tags:Organization inertia, Ability construction of civil servants, Path Analysis
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