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Research On Constructing Urban Community Emergency Management Information Platform

Posted on:2014-05-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z YangFull Text:PDF
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The urban community emergency management Informationization is a new concept thataccompanied by the sharpening contradictions between the city public security problem andthe emergency management efficiency, it represents the mainstream development direction ofthe urban community emergency management in the future. At present, China’s urbancommunity emergency management Informationization construction is still in its beginningstage. Based on the severe background of city public security problems in the domestic, thispaper research on Performance evaluation of the urban community emergency managementinformation platform, must have very strong pertinence and important practical value.Firstly, this paper start illustrated content from research background, purpose,significance and the research situation at home and abroad. The writer determined researchmethods and basic research framework based research purpose, analyzed the connotation ofurban community emergency management information platform based on the definition ofrelated concepts, and explored the status quo and problems of the domestic urban communityemergency management information platform, to lay the theoretical foundation of this paper.Secondly, this paper explicit the objectives, principles and scope of platform constructing,analyzed the feasibility from two aspects of economic and technical, then discussed the corebusiness processes about risk pre-warning and emergency disposal, analyzed the requirementsabout platform function and performance, including the overall requirements, businessapplication requirements, data and interface requirements, and many other aspects.Thirdly, in accordance with objectives and principles of platform constructing, this papercompleted the overall frame design based on system analysis results, formed the overalloutline about user access layer, business application layer, application layer, informationresources and the infrastructure layer, draw up the network architecture, and evaluated thedetail design of core functions such as risk pre-warning, emergency response disposal.Finally, summarized the preparatory work, and put forward the existing shortage andprospect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Public emergencies in urban, Urban communities, Emergency managementinformation platform, Platform construction
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