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Protection Of The Rights And Interests Of The Legal System Of China’s Migrant Workers

Posted on:2014-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401967689Subject:Economic Law
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Migrant workers as a large class of vulnerable groups, the lack of their rights andinterests protection has increasingly become a prominent problem in building a harmonioussociety. Along with our country urbanization process speeding up, the function and status ofmigrant workers in urban construction has gradually highlighted, for our country made greatcontributions to economic development and modernization progress, however, is still in Chinaor in urban and rural areas two system separated, and lag of legal system, lead to migrantworkers in the freedom of migration and social protection, labor rights, the rights and interestsof social management to participate in also cannot obtain the practical aspects such asprotection, lead to migrant workers lack of voice, a cultural wasteland, lack of labor andsocial protection, and so on a series of problems. Migrant workers in our country is the natureof migrant workers rights and interests protection mechanism, the problem of the missing, is ablend of the social, economic, political and so on various aspects of rights and interests ofcomprehensive subject.The author embarks from the social reality, from the kinds of peasant workers’ rights andinterests of migrant workers legal rights and interests of expounded, the present situation andessence, and to explore the legitimacy of peasant workers’ rights and interests legal protection,namely the value basis of the value of human rights, equality, justice value foundation andvalue foundation of harmonious. Further summed up the cause of the defects of rights andinterests of migrant workers legal protection, namely the backward concept of the rule of law,urban and rural intersected dualistic social structure, supply of legal system lags behind andthe limitation of the migrant workers themselves. In the final chapter legislative protection,law enforcement and judicial protection from three aspects elaborated the construction of peasant workers’ rights and interests protection mechanism.In general, the legal system of protection of the rights and interests of rural migrantworkers belong to a system and complex project, is not the responsibility of a department ororganization, but more subject, multi-level three-dimensional engineering. Only in all aspectsof society actively support and cooperate with each other, to form a resultant force on therights and interests of migrant workers protection, in order to make migrant workers’ rightsand interests protection into effect, migrant workers can obtain the properly solution.
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