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Analysis Of The Professional Ethics For Judge

Posted on:2014-12-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Justice is an important component of modem civilized society. Strictly speaking,thejudicial proceedings is a judge,applying the law regulating the activities of specificlitigation.Justice is the soul of justice and the end result.Justice means judges follow theproper legal procedures,legal application of the relevant legal means,just settlement oflitigation involving the various controversial issues,and establish justice in the face of publicimage. Currently,China is implementing the reform of the judicial system at the core ofjustice in the system construction,were concerned about the professional ethics of judges. Afirm political,professional competence,a fine style of work,build a clean and honest,noblemorality judges according to law,important condition for building a socialist country ruled bylaw,the fundamental protection of the court is to do a good job.The judges are the most typical and representative career in the legal profession.Disputes the number of the moment with the rapid development of society, more and moreincreasingly complex legal relationship between the judiciary to resolve disputes requirementshave become more sophisticated. Thus, the judge will gradually become a highly professionalcareer. The judge responsible for the duties of maintaining social justice and equity, so askingthe judge must be received specialized training in the legal profession, with excellentknowledge of the law, skilled legal skills and legal ethics, at the same time the professionalethics of judges is particularly important. Social morality, professional ethics of judges refersto the sum of the judicial career professionals (judges) in the course of performing judicialfunctions or with the administration of justice, career-related activities, to be followed bymoral values and norms of behavior, is in the field of the administration of justice concretemanifestation. The professional ethics of judges, the relationship between the regulation ofoccupational internal judge and the judge and all sectors of society codes of conduct,standards of evaluation of professional conduct of judges of good and evil, honor.The basis of the value of the professional ethics of judges is fair. Justice is the basicstarting point of the law, judicial practice, the pursuit of the most important value of the target,but also the essence of the professional ethics of judges.This article through the analysis of the moral theory, occupational moral theory,contemporary Chinese judges occupational moral development situation, put forward thesome in the current situation conducted judges occupational moral construction of the suggestions, in order for our judges to improve professional qualities, personal qualities, andestablish an independent personality charm, to be helpful to establish the professional ethicsof judges system with Chinese characteristics.
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