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A Research About The Dilemmas And The Corresponding Solutions Of The Service-oriented Township Government

Posted on:2014-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330401975613Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the reform and opening up has experienced several times of government administrativesystem reform in our country, every reform has specific goal, after years of effort, the change ofgovernment function has taken significant steps. From2003China’s "public service" is putted forward to"deepen the administrative management system reform, to build a service-oriented government" on theparty’s17th national congress, and building a service-oriented government has become the target of ourgovernment. Township governments as the country’s grass-roots government between the country and thefarmers play the role of a bridge and link. As the level of government of the current new rural constructionin our country it is the most direct and main builder that will influence the success and failure of new ruralconstruction.It is very important to build a well-off society in an all-round way and if it can offer betterservice for agriculture and rural areas farmers. Our government must make further transformation ofgovernment function. So the study of a service-oriented township government has a very importantsignificance.Current research focuses on the local government of service-oriented government and the centralgovernment, and the research of the villages and towns of the grass-roots government does not see more.This phenomenon has two reasons, on the one hand is due to the township government’s staff can’t masterprofessional theory knowledge in a systematic way, and can’t change its function to make scientific andobjective analysis and summary, and can perform the function for daily work only stay in experience, onthe other hand because of the grassroots government defects, material and financial resources. Thesecommon causes to build a service-oriented government still faced with various problems and difficulties, making the construction of a service-oriented township government to slow. This article first analyzes thedifficulties and problems in the construction of a service-oriented township government then put forwardthe corresponding solving ways and means. This article has five parts: the first part analysis the core theoryand definition.The second part combs the transformation of our township government functions, to makecomprehensive interpretation of township government, and then put forward the concept of service-orientedgovernment. The third part analysis the reasons of the construction of the service–oriented townshipgovernment in every aspect. The fourth part deeply revealed the difficulties in the construction of theservice-oriented township government. The fifth part raised relevant countermeasures and solution to solvethe dilemma of the fourth part. The writing through the paper is used the new public service theory.
Keywords/Search Tags:Functions of the government, A service-oriented township government, The new ruralconstruction, The government responsibility
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