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A Study Of The Relationship Between Local Government’s Public Services Supply And Public Demand

Posted on:2014-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401986129Subject:Administrative Management
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In the process of building well-off society in an all-round way and achieving social transformation,growing public demand and the local government’s public service supply has become a pair of basic contradiction in the field of public services. Take social security and public housing, health care, education, public transportation, environmental protection, public security for example,thees reasonable requirements of people are difficult to be effectively met so that our country’s public service supply and demand unbalanced problem is-getting more serious. How to solve the disequilibrium between supply and demand of public service had the vital significance to people’s comprehensive development,had also played a key role of easing social contradictions and solving the problem of people’s livelihood of the people. In this article, the author firstly analyze the the status quo of the relationship between local government public service supply and the public demand and these influencing factors, including the amount unbalanced relationship and structural disequilibrium of public service supply and demand, then in-depth analyze the influencing factors of the relation of local government public service supply and public service demand,these factors mainly had the concept of local government, financial capacity and government personnel’s quality, the lack of public expression mechanism and the lack of public participation in the decision-making, etc. Then choosing Nanning as the case to analyzed the relationship between the public service demand and its supply, collect statistics of Nanning city in2007-2012general budget revenue and expenditure, financial input to the Nanning city government in public services quantity and investment structure is analyzed, according to the measure of Nanning supply level of public service supply and rationality; At the same time, I went to Nanning’s Xingning area, Qingxiu area, the Jiangnan area, Xixiang pond area, Liangqing area five administrative areas to do Nanning of basic public service satisfaction survey, mainly including the basic education, social security and employment, health care, public safety, transportation, environmental protection, etc.,to have the result of Nanning city public service supply can’t effectively meet public demand. Finally,the author put forward countermeasures for the improvement of the public service supply at the aspect of the construction of the public service-oriented government guided by the demands, strengthening the citizen participation in public service, strengthening the government-led public service supply mode and so on three aspects, so that can fit into the public’s reasonable demand.
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