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Investigation About Legal Supervision System On Chinese Micro-Credit Company

Posted on:2014-04-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330401986829Subject:Economic Law
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As the financial system reforms, the country’s financial markets come out many problems:the rural finance is hollowing out, small and medium-sized enterprises are financing difficulties, the folk are lending, underground Banks are in vogue. Micro-credit companies in this environment arise. Since then, the nature of micro-credit companies has been controversial. According to the definition of financial institutions, this thesis believes that a clear judgment standard lies in the financial institutions what is engaged in the accommodation of monetary and credit business. Through the micro-credit company is similar with other relevant financial institutions, it has its own particularity. However, high yield means high risk. This determines the micro-credit company in our country faces many risks. The regulatory measures taken by international developed countries and developing countries to micro-credit institutions to construct the regulation system has important significance for our country, However, this stage of the legal regulation on micro-credit company mainly exist the following problems:Firstly, the definition is fuzzy; secondly, the content of the regulation subject and regulation is unclear; thirdly, the lack of perfect internal control system; fourthly, improper risk regulatory measures. This thesis, by using the existing theory of knowledge, through summarizing the advanced experience of legal regulation in small micro-credit institutions abroad, based on the analysis of the cause of regulatory problems at present stage, puts forward the legal regulation of the micro-credit company in specific perfecting measures, mainly from the clear China’s micro-credit company supervision main body, improve internal governance structure, refine small loans companies incorporated in the credit reporting system, establish micro-credit companies the relevant provisions of the loan reserve fund system, in order to improve the existing system deficiencies.
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