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On Broadcast Right Of Sport

Posted on:2014-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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At present, the major sports events are gradually becoming industrialization withinthe territory of China., the ratio of the income from the sports broadcasting right is alsoincreasing. However, the debate about the nature and adscription of the sportsbroadcasting rights still exists in theory, and the development and legal protection of therights is still in its infancy. That is if it comes to conflicts of interests and legal disputes,there is no relevant law to base on. As research object, the nature and the right-system ofthe sports broadcasting rights would be systematically investigated in this paper. And thatwould have practical and theoretical significance to the healthy development of the sportsindustry and the perfection of the relevant laws in China.The development and utilization of the sports broadcasting rights has been for along time. And it has its basis of legitimacy. In fact, there are two levels in these rights:one in the sense of live broadcasting and the other in the sense of its literal meaning. Theformer is a kind of intangible property rights, and the latter is a kind of rights ofbroadcasting organization, which stems from the former. Although there are no relevantspecial laws and regulations in China by now, we don’t lack legal basis. But these legalrules are quite scattered, low-level and weak. By mean of the updated case, this paperanalysis the theoretical challenge from internet media. Learning the lessons from othercountries, we made here some suggestions for perfection of legislation on the sportsbroadcasting rights, and put forward that the antitrust laws should be properly intervenedto balance the interests of various parties.
Keywords/Search Tags:sports broadcasting rights, sports TV broadcast rights, sports network broadcast rights, benefit balance
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