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Government Microblog Index Of The Government-Public Relations In The Effects Of Trust

Posted on:2014-02-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2256330422965075Subject:Advertising and public relations
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The microblog of our government is the research target in this paper. In terms of thespecial network media of Sina microblog, this paper investigates the effect of themicroblog activity on the trustrank of the government-public relationship. On thetheoretical basis of government-public relationship, the survey of the microblog activityis conducted. On one side, the activity degree of the government microblog can beachieved by social network analysis method; on the other side, in views of the previousachievements on the government-public relationship, the trustrank variable can bedefined.For deep understanding of the relationship between government microblog activityand trustrank, ten samples of the contents of the government microblog are analyzedduring a certain period. These ten samples include five samples with comparatively highactivity and five samples comparatively low activity. Besides, among the358samples inthe stratified sampling process, five cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanjing andGuangzhou are contained with ten categories. Then,5indexes including transmission,government-index, activity-index and trust are analyzed. In addition, case study is carriedout for each microblog for further illustration of the relationship between activity andtrust. After the vivid illustration of a single microblog, the potential relationship betweenactivity and trust can be certified.Results find that the microblog with high activity reveals the reliability, consistency,act in accordance with laws and sincerity of the government. However, the microblogwith low activity doesn’t have a direct relationship with each index. Compared to theformer researches, the public trust is explored from the perspective of microblog, whichenriches the theory of public trust and is meaningful for the micro-research ofrelationship between the internal organization and public activity. The government microblog a service-oriented and innovative part in the government work while thepublic trust is an important part in the establishment of the harmonious society and thegovernment-public relationship. Thus, the relevant micro-researches of the activitydegree can propose some recommendations and suggestions in the construction ofgovernment service, and have a reference value for the establishment of the governmentmicroblog.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government microblogging, Government index, ActivityOrganization-public relations, Trust
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