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The Legal Regulations For Relative Advantage Position Abuse Of Large Retailers

Posted on:2014-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425459760Subject:Economic Law
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Today in a buyer’s market pattern, in a large retailer sales terminal has the relative advantage position in the zero for trading, while the dominant position itself is not illegal, but the excessive large retailers abuse of relative advantage position charging channel fees, set up in trading behavior such as unreasonable conditions, vendor payment in arrears, disrupted the market competition order, restricted the development of suppliers, damage the interests of the consumers, therefore, it is necessary for large retailers of conduct regulation of the abuse of relative advantage position. In Germany, the United States, Japan and Taiwan has taken measures to regulate large retailers abuses of their relative advantage position,they have a lot of advanced experience is worth our using for reference. And our country are not clear for large retailers of conduct regulation of the abuse of relative advantage position, only use the existing "anti-monopoly law","anti-unfair competition law","retailers suppliers a fair deal management method" in this kind of abuse behavior has obvious limitations of rules and regulations, legal responsibility is not clear, law enforcement supervision does not reach the designated position "hide" all make big retailers, the illegal behavior is not effective. Suggestions to perfect relevant legislation, therefore, to introduce and promote large retailer location and hearing system, and perfect the relief system of large retailers abuse of relative advantage position, to improve the relevant legal liability, protection according to different objects for large retailers corresponding civil responsibility, administrative responsibility and so on, to enhance the deterrent effect of regulations, in addition, on the basis of strengthening law enforcement, and shall establish a scientific and efficient competition law enforcement agencies to ensure the effective implementation of the law. These measures to fill the gaps legislation and enforcement, to reach effective regulation of large retailers abuse of relative advantage position competition behavior, maintain normal order and safeguard suppliers, consumers and social public interests, the purpose of this is for the perfection of competition law system in China and the effective implementation of the competition law has important significance.
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