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Theory Of Procuratorial Supervision Of Our Country’s Execution Of Property Punishment

Posted on:2014-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The law of our country stipulates clearly that the people’s procuratorate is thespecial supervising organ of punishment execution. This is a basic principleestablished in Chinese law. In this sense, supervision execution is one of the mainfunctions of investigating and prosecuting apparatus for criminal litigation activitiesas well as the final part of the legal supervision in criminal proceedings. It guaranteesthe completeness of the execution of criminal judge and the performing according tothe law. In recent years, procuratorial organs criminal execution supervision in Chinahas made great progress in the judicial practice. It has formed a set of relativelymature working systems and working mechanisms in terms of how to carry out thesupervision of imprisonment and the death penalty prosecutors. But at the same time,we see that our penalty system, as an important part of property penalty executionsupervision, remains stagnant because the principles of the current law is tooprescribed and broad,lacking specific operational program and measures to suchproblems. It leads to the universality of illegal phenomenon in current propertypunishment of penalty enforcement authorities and the low rate of the completeness inproperty penalty execution and also directly affects the seriousness and authority ofour country’s penalty power. Therefore, based on the practical problems in theproperty punishment of penalty execution supervision, the new criminal procedurallaw and the the new "people’s Procuratorate criminal rules (Trial)” revision announcedby Supreme People’s Procuratorate, attempping to perfect the scientific theory of theproperty punishment of penalty execution supervision system from the perspective ofproperty punishment penalty execution supervision concept, riching property penaltyexecution supervision, specifying procuratorial organs and perfecting correctiveopinion supervision law. By this way to guarantee the procuratorial organs of propertypunishment of penalty execution supervision system and to safeguard the execution ofthe legitimate rights and interests of the person subjected to execution and also tomaintain national judicial justice.
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