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The Audience Theory In The New Rhetoric And Its Impact On The Judicial Activities

Posted on:2014-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The new rhetoric originated in ancient Greece, the initial application in the court proceedings in a speech. After ancient Rome and Renaissance, The new rhetoric draw the demonstration method of Aristotle on Rhetoric. New rhetoric has caused the European and American rhetorical theorist attention and beginning an studying in-depth. Perelman is a representative of the new rhetoric and raise the famous audience theory. The audience is the center of the audience theory, which emphasized the importance of the audience in the speech, The audience theory through the analysis of the audience to achieve the purpose of persuading them to obtain the success of speech. The audience theory will also affect the judicial trial. In courtroom trial.Judges, lawyers, the parties, the public will become an important factor in the rhetorical relations. The key to the success of the argument is that how to grasp the audience psychology. There are many factors influencing the audience and combining these factors and rhetoric to be the key to persuasion.The special audience and the general audience of the audience theory have a certain relationship, but also have very big difference. The speaker think that the general audience is an ideal speaker in the eyes of the audience, Special audience is diverse and With different characteristics. In a way, to convince the general audience can be regarded as to convince the special audience. Special audience is specific universal audience. Through the analysis of the general audience and the special audience, the speaker can adjust the argument scheme and make the argument more convincing.Now, the audience theory gradually embed into the judicial trial, Acceptance of the audience is an important mark to judge whether the judicial rationality. Not only he audience’s acceptability to save the judicial resources but also maintain the justice of law and justice. Through studying of many theorists the audience theory got many rhetoricians recognition. But there are also contradictions was pointed out by rhetoric experts. But,one flaw can not obscure splendor of the jade, The audience theory still is a pearl in New Rhetoric argumentation theory. Especially, combining of the audience theory and court trial to provide the theoretical guidance for the work of the judge. The audience theory and legal combination has the important practice significance. The new rhetoric of Perelman related to philosophy, psychology, education and other disciplines. The new rhetoric to watch the problems from the legal perspective.The audience theory introduces theory demonstrates of the value and justice. At the same time, The audience theory also enrich the thought of argument New Rhetoric.
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