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Predicaments And Present Countermeasures Of The Indoctrination Theory Of Politics

Posted on:2014-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425467394Subject:Ideological and political education
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Indoctrination is the basic principle of publicizing Marxism essentially, not a narrowteaching approach. It is not only a positively way to spread the Marxist program, but also a"magic weapon" for Communist Party of China which helped them get the victory from thewar and revolution. But along with the conversion of the times’ theme, the traditionalindoctrination present some big illness, the voice of the "negativism","outdated","Cancel"and so on are all point to the indoctrination on modern existence. Recollecting history, there isno doubt in the scientific、legitimacy and value of the indoctrination in the age of war andrevolution, But just because of this, we have neglected it’s original and narrative perspectivefor a long time after founding of our nation, which have brought some negative phenomenon,expanded the view of indoctrination, generalizations, ossified, and so on. Thinking about thereality, based on the objective reality that time subject and social structure have changed, to besure, the value and position of indoctrination in its vision remains unchanged, but comparedto the expansion and appearance of other social space., it should not be using the politicaltheory indoctrination’s methods. The appearance of the resulting indoctrination value in itselfdoes not mean that the political theory decline, but its value is positioned in the return of thenew era. On the inculcation of political theory in the new era "negativism","useless","obsolete" theory and "cancel" and so on, is a misunderstanding of historical value,indoctrination’s significance need to relocate right now.In order to make the people clearly grasp the context and substance of the inculcationtheory, the article starting from the concept, recalling the efforts made by several of the greatmen for the formation and development of the indoctrination. And reflecting on the legitimacyand worries of the "indoctrination" of three representative historical period of China, startingfrom a contemporary perspective, and exploring its era plight, correcting thememisconceptions, exploring the scientific use of realistic countermeasures. The text iscomposed of six parts:Part I: The introduction, introduced the background and significance, the literaturereview, mentality and method of this article briefly.Part II: The traceability and analysis of the concepts. Mainly from three parts to expandresearch, aim to grasp its essence and connotation.Part III: Explore the characteristics of the times for political indoctrination. Summarizedthe indoctrination’s existence of legitimacy and problem in different stages of our country’shistory. Sets up it’s contemporary image, show it’s times charm. By this showing,the times background has had the tremendous change, not only it’s content have the tremendouschange,also decides its existence space, the value localization as well as concrete methodreforming or restructuring.Part IV: Describes the new era of political theory indoctrination, correct misconceptions.Actual proceed from the objective of socialist modernization, and certainly the politicaltheory of indoctrination, one by one to refute "useless""outdated",and "Cancel", to helppeople understand the indoctrination theory correctlyPart V: Mining the realistic countermeasures for consummating the political theory instill.The ultimate aim of this paper is to enhance the effectiveness of indoctrination practices. So,in this section from the rational integration of political indoctrination on content system, andactively cultivate awareness of political indoctrination object needs with the times, tohighlight the spirit of seeking truth and being pragmatic, expand indoctrination channel fouraspects to discuss.Part VI: Conclusion, which summarizes the whole passage. It reaffirms thatindoctrination theory plays an important role in achieving the goal of ideological and politicaleducation.At the same time it illustrates the shortcoming of this research.
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