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Evaluation Of E-government Risks

Posted on:2014-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330425482289Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Since twenty-first Century, due to the rapidly development of information and communication technology, infrastructure backbones of the information network are constructed gradually perfect, almost all the countries gradually used information technology to promote the construction of government information. E-government is the core of our present and future information. At the same time, it’s also the important support of improving administrative efficiency and strengthening the reform of the government mechanism.However, in the process of e-government development and application for all levels of government, All kinds of information security incidents continue to emerge, the E-government risk has been exposed. As the content of the work and the process involves state secrets and the core of e-government, so we must take security measures to reduce the risk. This study has important significance in theory and practice for the E-government risk prevention and control. Theoretically, this paper discusses the main factors that influence the risk of e-government, enriching the research on E-government risk. There is an important significance for employing more effective risk control model. In practice, The risk evaluation model of E-government which established in this paper is applicable to any E-government system and domestic E-government system. There is an important significance to improve the e-government operation satisfaction and protect the government and public information security.The paper combined with the background of the "government information" and discrimination of government information and e-government,depend on the development and operation process of e-government, to identify the most influential factors on the risk of E-government. They are Classified into these four big risks:systematic risk, management risk, network security risk and information security risk. At the same time, it continue to make two level and three level classification for these four risks. It study on e-government risk, build a risk evaluation system. Based on the comparision and analysis with the construction principles and methods of multiple evaluation model. This paper uses Delphi method and questionnaire as research tools, set up risk evaluation grade and the establishment of e-government risk evaluation model. In addition, all data are obtained through an online questionnaire. Through these data and the evaluation model, we get a evaluation for our e-government. And the main risk factors were arranged according to the evaluation scores. At last, it put forward a e-government security system through considering the angle of organization,management and the system.This paper has three innovations:the one is the establishment of the three levels E-government risk evaluation system through identifying the risk factors for the development of e-government and operation process; the two is the establishment of the e-government evaluation model which can not only evaluate the overall but also a single e-government risk by questionnaire survey method; the three is to propose a E-government security system which is a comprehensive reflection from the angles of the organization, management and the system.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-government, risk, evaluation, safety management
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