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Study Of English Commercial Law In Tudor

Posted on:2014-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The Tudor is a dynasty which the new replaces the old. At this time,the commerce of the whole country has a great development which influencesthe Great Britain a lot. The commerce could not grow without the ensures fromthe law,and the commerce law of the Tudor performs a very important role.The paper has been divided five parts to introduce the commerce law inTudor dynasty: the first, the meaning and grow of English commerce law; thesecond, the institutions of formulations and implementation in Tudor; the third,the contents of Tudor commerce law; the forth, the nature and features of Tudorcommerce law; the fifth, the status and influences of Tudor commerce law.During nineteenth ninties, there are many articles and treaties publishing whichfocus on the commerce and mercantilism policy in Tudor. Then it lacking ofcommerce law’s research in Tudor, say nothing of the summary and analysis inTudor commerce law. And this paper just makes up the gap, describing andanalyzing the process, contents, nature, features and so on.The root reason of commerce law’s appearance is productive power and thedevelopment of economics, the commerce activities stimulates the appearanceof commerce law, the businessmen’s activities and the government’s recognitionis the road of commerce law. The Tudor commerce law has the special natureand features which based on Tudor dynasty itself. The Tudor commerce law hasnot only great value to English commerce, but also gives a frame toAnglo-American Legal System’s commercial law.
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