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On The Copyright Infringement By Snapshot Of Search Engines

Posted on:2014-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Search engine provides supplementary means for internet visitors to avoid internet network congestion. Search engine snapshot is an action that the search engine captures snapshots and stores the snapshots in search engine servers.The capture is copying and factual acts in law and it is controversial on its legitimacy. The plea instances put forwards by search engine service provider contains the cached information safe harbor rules, implied license and fair use. However, these is a lack of legal support of these plea instances and may causes the copy rights holders can not be well-protected under internet environment. Fair use rules may provide rules for dissolve the problem, but the current legal system is closed to absorb new types of fair use. The litigation cases of search engine snapshot infringement should be classified into different circumstance, especially to observe the existence of Robot file; the tort liability law provides basic rules to dissolve the interest conflicts between copy owners and search engine service provider. The legal issues of search engine snapshot should be dissolved by legislation especially by improving the legal system of fair use.
Keywords/Search Tags:Search Engine Snapshot, Copy, Implied Incense, Fair Use
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