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Cloud Crossing Peach Carving Process, Inheritance And Development Research

Posted on:2014-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2265330425456080Subject:Fine Arts
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Yundu Peach Pit Carving is a traditional folk handicraft in Yundu Village, Xiyang County of Jiangsu Province. Originating from Ming Dynasty, it’s has more than300-year history. It is the crystallization of human collective wisdom by fully utilizing local resources, using imaginations and creativities and accumulating practice and discoveries for years in the long history of human social production and wok. In the long river of history development, the Yundu Peach Pit Carving craft is inherited by oral teaching and personal understanding.By conducting field investigation, mastering first hand data of Yundu Peach Pit Carving and referencing those articles and data, this paper researches the process, inheritance and development of Yundu Peach Pit Carving. The introduction part, which mainly introduce the origination and meaning of the topic as well as the current Yundu Peach Pit Carving research status in the academy field. The one chapter generalizes the geographical environment, origination and development of Yundu Peach Pit Caring and the chapter briefly analyzes and concludes that the reason of Yundu Peach Pit Carving emergence is closely reverent to the regional environment, manners and customs. The second chapter relatively objectively manages and records the process flows of Yundu Peach Pit Carving in form of integration of pictures and texts and summarizes it theoretically. By conducting field investigation, communicating with craftsmen face-to-face and observing the process flows, the author divides the process flows into8parts, including peach it boiling, persevering material, material selecting, sketchy carving, detail carving, polishing and oil applying. Problems are proposed in concluding the process flows and answered by the author himself, such as why the peach pits shall be preserved in a long time, why long-term preserved peach pits are fond by carvers and collectors. In the section2of the chapter the artistic characteristics of Yundu Peach Pit Carving are analyzed and concluded, which mainly includes:the styling features of the Yundu Peach Pit Carving, the peculiarity and stylization of creative embodiment; the style features mainly includes general features, symbolic features, complicated features etc. The third chapter is the discussion and research of the inheriting and developing the Yundu Peach Pit Carving. According to the first hand data of inheritance and protection current status by field investigation and referencing the protective principles and policies of intangible cultural heritage, this chapter introduces that the Yundu Peach Pit Carving is laid stress by every level of governments when inheriting and developing and that the local intangible cultural heritage protection departments take a series of protective measures, but some problems exist during the implementation of the measures. This chapter introduces the loss in the procedure of inheritance and development of Yundu Peach Pit Carving in the aspect of education and analyzes the reason why no one is willing to learn the craft of Yundu Peach Pit Carving. At last, this pater proposes several suggestions and opinions to the inheritance and development of Yundu Peach Pit Carving, wishing that it can arose the enthusiasm, concentration and attention of administrative departments and social people from all walks of life towards the craft, develop traditional national culture and stimulate people’s interest to traditional culture, which makes a little contribution to the inheritance and development of Yundu Peach Pit Carving.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yundu Peach Pit Carving, Process flows characteristics, Inheritance, Development
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