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Development Of Zhuzhou Cultural Industries

Posted on:2013-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Culture is a nation’s blood and soul. The power of culture reflects vitality, creativity and impact of a nation and region. With the change of times, culture has increasingly become an important part of a nation and region’s competitiveness. The culture industry is the core of knowledge economy industry in twenty-first Century, and it is the most explosive power and great growth potential star industry in the future of China. The culture industry which has strong growth vigor, rapid and great development potential has a broad development market space and huge development potential in modern economy. With the trend of international integration of economy and culture in the world becoming increasingly obvious, the cultural industry will become the pillar industry in intellectual economy times, and become new growth point of world economy. And the cultural industry is an important driving force of national and regional economic development. The cultural industry plays an important role in promoting integrated competition ability of a city, alleviating employment pressure, promoting the city civilization and promoting the development of harmonious society.Based on the study of the international integration of economy and culture, this article analysis the characteristics of geographical environment, cultural environment, cultural industry policy, economic development, scientific and technological innovation and talent introduction of Zhuzhou. From the point of view of statistical analysis, articles presents the overall appearance of Zhuzhou’s cultural industry development comprehensively, and then study the problems such as development idea, the management system and operation mechanism of the culture industry in Zhuzhou city comprehensively and systematically, and finally studies and discusses on the development strategy of the cultural industry. Based on the development background of the culture industry of Hunan, gives an detailed description statistics of the present situation of Zhuzhou’s culture industry using data and charts, analyzes the existing problems in the development of cultural industry, analyzes the source of the existence problem from the level of management and policy aspect deeply. From the government, market, enterprise three culture coordination perspectives, focuses on the development target of culture industry in Zhuzhou and development mechanism, and the paper excavates the potential of Zhuzhou’s cultural industry, strengthens the core competitiveness of Zhuzhou’s cultural industry under the premise of characteristics Zhuzhou’s culture industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:culture industry, development strategy, study, Zhuzhou City
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