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Administrative Law Enforcement And Criminal Justice Evidence Evidence Study Of Convergence

Posted on:2014-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The intersection of the administrative law enforcement and the criminal litigationand cohesion, In fact in reality and theory has a long history. For administrative lawenforcement evidence in criminal litigation, the influence of the domestic law also hasthe long-term research, but the criminal law and criminal procedure law has no clearstipulation, January1,2013new criminal procedure law took effect, the situationchanged, its not only to the old do not conform to the legal norms of social progressadjustment change, more realistic society’s development, the author focuses on thepoints of the modified article52, combined with the general rules of human rightsprotection has made some analysis, and in the study of the relevant administrativeregulations, the ministry of public security under the state council regulations, lawenforcement and criminal justice cohesive reference points to modify the formerdomestic academic circles of administrative law enforcement and criminal justicecohesion in literature, combined with the revised law, the rules of law for future studyon running change and there may be some problems. This article from the backgroundof the foundation and the legal system of the judicial practice analysis of the reality ofthe need and necessity of its existence possible problems, analyze its operationprocess from evidence to use kinds of main body, and the way transformation and thetransformation of legal norms and so on several aspects to discuss. And lists theauthor personal about these problems from the legislation and law enforcement on theviews and suggestions. I look forward to the use of administrative evidence incriminal litigation can from the legislative, judicial more perfect and effective.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative evidence, the Evidence materials, Criminalproceedings, Evidence linking, Transformation of evidence
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