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Contemporary Belarusian Government Opposition

Posted on:2014-06-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330392963118Subject:International relations
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Belarus, which is located in the heart of the Earth, is country with a troubledhistory. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Belarus gained independence, at thesame time, the Belarusian opposition born and developed. The political opposition hasalways been the favorite research object of the western politicians and scholars. But inBelarus, the Belarusian opposition did not attract the interest of scholars until thecurrent system became rigid. Based on the research of Belarus scholars and foreignscholars, this essay summarizes the political struggle of Belarusian opposition followsthe clue of time, since their formation. Also analysis of the characteristics of thedevelopment of the Belarusian opposition, and summarizes the internal and externalfactors which affected it’s development. Besides, respectively analysis therelationship between the Belarusian authorities, together with the Belarusianopposition, and international important factors. This essay explores the reason whycolor revolution did not success in Belarus, and forecast the future direction ofBelarusian opposition. Lastly, this paper comes to the conclusion, that the Belarusianopposition have some positive effect, but for various reasons it still can not achieveit’s goal.
Keywords/Search Tags:Belarus, political opposition, color revolution, Lukashenko
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