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Construction And Government Groups Incidents Image

Posted on:2014-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The government has the authority and responsibility of domination and management upon public resources and is the subject handling public crises, thus playing an extremely important role in the process of public crisis management. Whether the government has a good image or not is directly related to its credibility, appeal, and the effectiveness of crisis management. At the same time, whether the government’s crisis management is effective or not will directly affect the public’s awareness and evaluation upon the government’s image. They are an interactive process. Thus, discussing the disposal of mass events from the perspective of crisis management for the purpose of exploring the construction of government image is not only beneficial to the improvement of the government’s crisis management abilities, but also beneficial to the shaping of a good government image.Based on what the researcher has witnessed and heard during her internship period in the Xishui government, the present study chooses the mass incidents triggered by the demolition of the South Road at Loushan Town, Xishui County in Guizhou province as a case study. With relevant literature review being presented and by adopting the interviewing research method, this paper has a comparatively solid and scientific qualitative study and analysis on the mass incidents under the perspective of crisis management. Conclusions are drawn as follows:First, the government image is not only a manifestation of the government’s comprehensive ability, but also a harmonious and interactive relationship with the public built as a result of the government conforming to the social development as well as the public demand.Second, mass incidents have both positive and negative effects. Mass outbreak of the crisis state makes the government image a major concern from the public. Only through seriously examining and reflecting the building problems of the image in the crisis management can the government find a reasonable direction and ultimate destination in order for the changes and development of its image.Based on the findings above, the present paper provides a few recommendations on building a favorable government image from the perspective of crisis management for the Xishui government and other government organizations concerned, which specifically includes the bi-principles of government image and public interests, the crisis awareness and mechanism of precautions in the first place, principle of graded responsibility, rapid and flexible principle, perfecting petition system and so on.
Keywords/Search Tags:crisis, mass incidents, crisis management, government image
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