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Public Crisis Management Perspective Image Of County Government Study

Posted on:2014-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330401458542Subject:Public administration
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Nowadays, China has been in the social transitional period, frequent emergencies occurs frequently, and governments at all levels are facing severe pressure and challenges of emergency response and crisis management. In the course of emergency response and public crisis management, the county-level government is facing the emergency government most directly and has become the heavy disaster area, because of misconduct or poor management, and has produced great negative impact on the image of the government, and has reduced the recognition, trust and support from public to government. Therefore, in the process of crisis management, to shape the government image of the county-level government can improve the government’s image and credibility, and further promote the government’s ability to deal with the crisis, and promote social stability and social harmony.Based on the perspective of crisis management, the shape of the county government image is selected as the research object. Literature analysis and comparative analysis method is adopted in the article. The county-level government image-shaping problems in the process of crisis management in the risk social that events occur frequently is discussed, as well as the reasons of these problems. In the end, some counter-measures and suggestions to solve these problems are put forward. The thesis consists of four parts:The background and significance of the research ideas and methods is introduced, and the research situation is reviewed in the introduction part.Part two is the introduction of the related theory, including the concept of crisis management and the government image, and the analysis to the relationship between crisis management and government image shaping, and then the necessity for the county government image in crisis management and the significance of the shape is put forward.The present situation and problems analysis of county-level government image-shaping from the perspective of crisis management is prescribed in the second chapter, such as imperfect legal system, weak emergency ability of public crisis management, insufficient public relations ability, the lack of credibility of the government control of shaping the image of the government, opaque information. And the causes of the current county-level government image in the crisis management is analyzed from the perspectives of legal system, the financial crisis management security performance evaluation mechanism, and local government ethics culture system instability, and so on.Some countermeasures and suggestions to strengthen the county-level government image-shaping are put forward in the third chapter, namely the fourth part of the thesis. According to the problems mentioned in the second chapter, to reshape the county-level government image should take measures from the concept of value of the image-shaping, the sense of crisis and image-building consciousness, and improve the construction of the crisis management legal system, crisis management mechanism to enhance ability of crisis public relations ability. The innovation of this thesis can be seen from the research angle and content of the selection of county-level government. County-level government is very critical level in China, which has representative significance. To conduct the research to the county government in crisis management of their own image has much innovative value.
Keywords/Search Tags:county-level government, emergent incidents, crisis management, image shaping
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