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Shandong Anti-Japanese Base Areas To Improve Practice Of People's Livelihood

Posted on:2014-08-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2266330401469608Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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The livelihood of the people has a history of the times. The Communist Party of China has been highly concerned about and make efforts to solve livelihood problems. Before the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, Shandong was under the rule of warlords, rural economic decline seriously, people living in extreme poverty, education is lagging behind, the livelihood of the people question is particularly difficult, the broad masses of the people urgently need to improve the people’s livelihood. Facing the difficult livelihood of the people in Shandong, the Communist Party of China created the Shandong anti-Japanese base to take positive measures to the improvement of people’s livelihood, including the reduction of rent and interest, the great production movement, social security, disaster relief, improve the cultural quality and other aspects, practice these measures from policy formulation to specific condensed Chinese Communist Party of effort and sweat, reflects the will and determination to improve the people’s livelihood. The Communist Party of China in Shandong anti-Japanese base practice to improve people’s livelihood, at the time it is urgently necessary, is relatively perfect, in improving people’s lives, improve the cultural quality, indeed achieved good results. At the same time also has positive significance, is to consolidate and expand the anti-Japanese national united front, close party group relation, the accumulation of local governing experience. At present, China has entered a critical period of comprehensive building well-off society, the work step by step. The Chinese Communist Party in Shandong anti-Japanese base of the people’s livelihood practice can the people’s livelihood construction provides important inspiration. Party and government attach great importance to people’s livelihood, provide a good political environment for the construction of people’s livelihood, and at the same time, we must expand production, solve masses content in material and cultural aspects, constantly improve the social security system. To solve the livelihood of the people is a huge systematic project, the party and the government should not only have a high sense of political responsibility and determination, have a genuine and sincere desire underground to solve urgent issues of concern, but also fully see the complexity, to solve the livelihood problems of the arduousness, persistence, hold to from set out actually, overall, both do everything in one’s power, and more.
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