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Research The Human Literature Of The Breakdown Of The Soviet Union

Posted on:2014-07-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330422453621Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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"Humanity", who emphasis on respect, understanding and caring people, is akind of "people-oriented"、finally to realize man’s all-round and free development ofadvanced culture. Good humanities environment has powerful cohesion、 vitality、creativity、transmissibility、 charisma and influence, and has vital significance to theconstruction and development of the socialist countries.After the October revolution, Lenin ever put forward institutional revolutiontheory on the Soviet union lacking of cultural strength, which steped out anencouraging step for improving the humane environment of the Soviet union. Butthroughout the entire Soviet history, cultural constraints, however, has not beensolved effectively. Stalin’s era not only imposed cultural absolutism、implementeddevoiding of humanity’s big cleaning and repression which fundamentally deviatedfrom the goal of "full and free development of everyone". And the successive leadersafter Stalin also didn’t give care and attention to the long-standing cultural constraintsproblem in Soviet union. Finally,the Soviet union paid a heavy price for this,whichcould see from the communist party of the Soviet Union lost of rights and thecollapse of the Soviet union.Decided by the specific national conditions, the socialist countries backward ofeconomy and culture are facing different levels of cultural constraints. Especiallywith the unbalanced development of national politics, economy and culture, thecultural constraints are also more and more apparent. For this, while sighing withemotion of the communist party of the Soviet Union lost of rights and the collapse ofthe Soviet socialism, we should consider this as a guide, adhere to the"people-oriented", adhere to the socialist core value system, and always attaches greatimportance to the cultivation of humanistic spirit at the same time, continuouslyoptimize the cultural environment of our country while building socialism withChinese characteristics.
Keywords/Search Tags:the collapse of the Soviet union, cultural restriction, learnt asmirro
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