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The Study Of Ideological And Political Education From Marx’s Communication Theory

Posted on:2014-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2266330422466558Subject:Ideological and political education
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With the development of economy, the progress of the society and the leap of science,contacts become the important content of economic, social and cultural life, become awidespread concern, people through communication to work, and communication can alsoreflect people’s existence and development, the ideological and political education isinseparable from the communication. Based on the perspective to explore exchanges tobuild new way of communication of ideological and political education, create a newrealm of the ideological and political education, in terms of theory, is conducive to furtherimprove the ideological and political education scientific theory, further expand the scopeof work, more in-depth research degree; in terms of practice, can play the effectiveness ofideological and political education work promote people’s free and comprehensivedevelopment.So-called communicative ideological and political education is the education practice,which is to point to in the process of ideological and political education, educators and theeducated on the basis of the principle of inter-subjectivity, influence each other throughequal dialogue and exchanges, mutual encouragement, mutual growth, constantly improvethe ideological and political quality and to promote personal all-round development.However, in the traditional ideological and political education, tend to ignore theimportant role of communication, the lack of inter-subjectivity shelter, lack of educationcontent and emotional, idealized education target and education method simplificationdefects, lead to ideological and political education is weak or even failure. Therefore, inthis article, Marx’s communication theory as the guiding ideology, the methods ofliterature research, theory with practice in the further study of the development of Marx’scommunication theory, basic content, main characteristics and its revelation for theideological and political education, on the basis of the concept of Marx’s communicationinto the ideological and political education research field of vision, explore theconstruction of communication of ideological and political education should stick to fourprinciples, five kinds of methods, construction of three environment, adhere to the twokinds of management pattern. In the process of ideological and political education work development emerged many new philosophies, communicative ideological and politicaleducation is a reflection, it is a kind of progress, but also a kind of transcendence.
Keywords/Search Tags:Communication, Ideological and Political Education, CommunicativeIdeological and Political Education, Inter-subjectivity, Marx’s Theory ofCommunication
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